Biofloc Fish Tank

Biofloc Fish Tank

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What is Bio floc farming?

BFT (Bio floc farming Technology) is considered the new “Blue revolution “since nutrients can be continuously recycled and reused in the culture medium, benefited by minimum or zero water exchange.

Also, the sustainable approach of such system is based on the high production of fish/shrimp in small areas. in addition, the bio flocs are a rich protein-lipid natural source of food available in situ 24 hours per day due to a complex interaction between organic matter, physical substrate, and large range of microorganisms. This natural productivity plays an important roll recycling nutrients and maintaining the water quality. The consumption of bio floc by shrimp or fish has demonstrated innumerous benefits such as improvement of growth rate, decrease of FCR, and associated costs in feed

Bio floc technology (BFT) is an environmentally friendly aqua culture technique based on in situ microorganism production

Fish grown in high density (minimum of 300 gm of biomass per square meter) with zero or minimum water exchange

Continuously water movement in the entirely water column is required to induce Biological growth. These microorganisms play three major roles:

1. Maintenance of water quality, through neutralization of nitrogen content by generating 

  microbial protein

2. Increasing culture feasibility by reducing feed conversion ratio (FCR)and a decrease of feed costs

3. Completion with pathogens 




1.    Made with high quality eco friendly coated fabric

2.    Waterproof

3.    UV stabilized & anti bacterial material

4.    High GSM & thickness

5.    Equipped with 6 mm rope & eyelits



  1. Biofloc Tanks
  2. Pond liners
  3. Flexible tanks & Silos
  4. Flexible hose pipe
  5.  Bio Gas Silos and Containers


  1. Low investment cost
  2. ROI within one harvest period
  3. Higher productivity
  4. Limited or zero water exchange
  5. Easy to use modular system
  6. Variety of fishes can be cultured
  7. Suitable for indian tropical conditions



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